MWE Garden

The Meadow Wood Garden is in a beautiful courtyard on the West side of the campus.  Classes plant and grow various plants throughout the year.   PTA Parents volunteer and help to maintain this space.   

Garden Weeding Tuesdays are now here!   We will meet and begin at 8am and end at 10am.  Tools are provided.  The idea is to keep the garden maintained, looking great and ever ready for the Hands On Science helpers   (i.e. our kids!).   Anyone can join in ANY Tuesday with whatever time you have between 8-10am! 


Earth Day is April 22nd.  Parents, are you passionate about Recycling, Water Conservation, Pollution or another environmental topic?  This year Hands On Science will be incorporating an Earth Day Lab into their curriculum together with the Garden.  Let’s discuss an Earth Day project for the kids! 


If you would like to help in the garden, have something you might like to plant or would like to volunteer with Earth Day, please contact our Garden Coordinator, Jamie Kelley at